Gnarls Barkley Preps Sophomore Release

 Gnarls Barkley is set to release their long-awaited sophomore album this April and the genre-stretching group is looking toward their first single.

Rolling Stone recently previewed two tracks from the project, which are reportedly competing for lead single honors.

The pair of cuts have been characterized as drastically different; with one cut leaning towards the funky side, thanks to the use of an organ and French horns. The second song is a darker ballad, marked by an acoustic guitar and Cee-Lo's foreboding echo, "Who's gonna save my soul? / I know I'm out of control."

The latter is said to be more highly favored by Gnarls.

Despite previous plans to release the new album by December 2007, the project, which is rumored to be titled Atlantis, is scheduled for release this April.

In related news, Gnarls vocalist Cee-Lo recently voiced the character Rev. Rolo Goodlove on the popular Cartoon Network Adult Swim show "The Boondocks."