Ghostface Killah Upset With Fans Over Sales, "I Thought Y'all Loved Me"

 In a videotaped message from a tour stop in Norfolk, Va., Wu-Tang Clan member and solo star Ghostface Killah laments the fact that fans are illegally downloading his latest CD, The Big Doe Rehab, rather than ponying up the cash to buy it.

"I thought y'all motherfuckers loved me man," Ghost said. "You know I go all out for y'all man, and I love y'all man, but y'all niggas be hurtin' the kid, because y'all don't wanna go cop our CD, you feel me? Y'all rather download our shit, which is cool, whatever whatever, whatever. But it's like come on man. We do this, we spend a lot of time in the studio, and puttin' this work in to come out with no results when we drop our albums and shit man."

No slouch when it comes to mathematics, Pretty Toney knows that having over 100,000 friends on MySpace and selling under 50,000 albums in the first go-round doesn't add up.

"So I'm just saying that like 115,000 friends on the MySpace and I get like 30,000 or something like that in the first week, that's not good man, 'cause I know a lot of y'all got my shit, but y'all just downloaded it man," he said. "I'm askin y'all to go to the store and buy that. I'm using all these samples trying to put all this shit together for y'all man, and y'all niggas is still on that bullshit man."

Ghost debuted at No. 41 with his latest effort, pushing 35,600 copies in his first week and landing behind the likes of Scarface, Drama and Wyclef Jean. He said that numbers like those may make him quit rapping altogether.

"If y'all really rollin with the kid, snap out that shit man," he said. "This is real talk man. It's comin' from your homey man. Y'all niggas gonna make me leave the game based on niggas doin' shit like that man. I thought y'all loved me, man. Go cop that CD man, even if you downloaded that shit man, go to the store and cop that man. If you really love your man."

Ghost is even offering "personal meetings" with anyone who brings a CD to a show as proof of purchase.

"When I come to your town, show me that motherfuckin CD," he said. "Show me the CD and we could all have meetings. I'll take a personal meeting with all y'all niggas every time I'm in the town, just bring me a CD to the show me and show me you did that, and I"ll sit there and kick it with y'all. We can get goosed out, whatever y'all wanna do."

"We can all have a pow wow," Ghost added. "But yo, don't front on the kid like that. I didn't front on y'all when I delivered it man, don't front on me like that man."

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