Lil' Kim Goes Indie Route With New CD

ImageLil' Kim has announced that she has parted ways with Atlantic Records and is thinking about releasing her new album independently.

The Brooklyn rapper made the announcement on DJ Kay Slay's Sirius Satellite Radio show Streetsweeper Radio last week.

Rumor has it that Kim may join the ranks of Capitol Music Group's independent label, Imperial Records.This move would make her a label mate to Fat Joe. At press time, Imperial has not been able to confirm these accounts.

Kim claims to have no bad blood with her old label and has said she's wanted to release an album independently for a while now but was afraid to go at it alone. She now feels more confident in her music business prowess.

She may not have beef with Atlantic, but the 4-foot 11 emcee has been vocal about her rift with Remy.

The two have traded insults on the internet and radio with Kim referring to Remy Ma as "Remy Man" and Remy in turn warning, "That little boy better leave me alone."

Though Rem said she got a kick out of the slight and had no intentions of taking the beef to wax, she recently released a YouTube video recording a diss track aimed at Kim entitled, "When I See Her."

Kim's last Atlantic release, 2005's The Naked Truth sold 394,000 copies domestically, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Kim's yet-to-be-titled disc was originally due out in February but has been pushed back to April or May.