Judge Doesn't Buy Foxy Brown's Plea To Leave Jail

ImageFoxy Brown will have to provide more information to a judge if she hopes to gain early release from jail to treat her hearing condition.

According to The Associated Press, Brown- real name Inga Marchand - has to prove that she could become deaf without treatment before being released from prison. Foxy is currently serving a one-year sentence for violating her probation related to a 2004 assault charge.

"I need to have more information on this," said Acting state Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson.

Brown is seeking the early release so she can travel to a Los Angeles clinic and see a specialist to "have her cochlear implant reprogrammed and repaired or else face imminent harm to her hearing."

Foxy's hearing problems have been documented since 2004. She has had two failed hearing surgeries and claims many of her behavior problems while in prison are due to her inability to hear, and the malfunction of her battery-operated hearing device.

Assistant District Attorney Cindy Chung said an inmate should not be able to choose doctors and that Foxy has failed to prove the treatment could not be done in New York.

Brown's lawyer, Laura Dilimetin, will be required to give Brown's medical records to the district attorney, the Department of Correction and the Department of Probation.

Brown pled her case to the judge that she has learned valuable lessons in jail.

"I have too much talent to throw it away," Brown said. "I know I will make you proud and my family proud."

The rapper is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 31 to find out if the Judge will allow her to go to L.A.