U-God Ain't Nothing To Fuck With, Sues Wu-Tang For Money Owed

 Wu-Tang member U-God is suing the Clan's label, Wu Music, alleging that they owe him $170,000.

U-God (born Lamont Hawkins) filed the suit against his label - which is licensed by Universal Music - earlier this month. The rapper claims he wasn't paid for a variety of work since March 2007, including a tour, albums and a European record contract. U-god is featured on Wu's last record, which was just released last month and is currently touring with the group.

This not the first time a member has cried foul about his money. In November of last year, Raekwon went on the record accusing RZA of shorting him.

"Don't play with a grown man's pocket, B." Rae said during an interview with hip-hop personality Miss Info. "At the end of the day, you may have felt like you put millions in a nigga's pocket. We appreciate it, but you know what? Don't ever let a nigga feel like you stealin' from him or you takin' something from him or you bein' sneaky and you can't show and prove certain things."

RZA fired back, denying the allegation in a radio interview.

"I ain't never, ever take no money from nobody and I don't owe nobody no money," Rza said emphatically on the air.

As of press time Wu's lawyer has yet to make a statement.