Master P & Romeo Feed New Orleans Families W/ New Charity Program

 After spending their Christmas serving meals to the homeless in Los Angeles, Master P and Romeo are bringing more goodwill to their New Orleans hometown by establishing a new charity.

Master P found his latest inspiration, Food on Foot N.O., after participating in a Los Angeles Food on Foot event. In addition to donating his money and his time, P, with the encouragement of Food on Foot founder Jay Goldfinger, also made the decision to bring the program to his native New Orleans.

"This is probably one of the best organizations I've ever been a part of," P said via statement. "Food on Foot helps those in New Orleans that need it the most."

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina's devastation, many of New Orleans' residents remain without homes, living in the city in tents and under bridges. Food on Foot N.O. is making a difference by bringing balanced meals to those in need, while also offering job training and jobs to disadvantaged families and individuals in New Orleans.

For those interested in volunteering for or donating to Food on Foot N.O., visit:, or