Three 6 Mafia Pops Ellen's Collar

 Fresh off their recent Oscar win for Best Original Song, Three 6 Mafia appeared on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" this morning (March 7).

The segment was taped yesterday (March 6), a day after the Memphis trio made history at the Academy Awards. After becoming the first hip-hop act to take the Oscar stage, Three 6, who penned Hustle & Flow's theme "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp," won for Best Original Song. Obviously shocked, the group delivered a rushed acceptance speech in which they thanked everyone from God and their parents to fellow Oscar winner George Clooney for being cool when they first met.

Three 6 members Juicy J, DJ Paul, and Crunchy Black chatted with Ellen in front of the predominately white, middle-class audience. When asked what they thought of the Oscar, Juicy J said, " It's big for hip-hop, big for us, and it's big for our city Memphis, Tennessee."

After the brief interview, Three 6 performed their Oscar-winning song to a dancing audience. Ellen also joined in, bopping around with Crunchy Black while J and Paul repeated "Go Ellen, Go Ellen. "

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