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 Everyone knows the Ying Yang Twins. After all, they're that dynamic duo from Atlanta that helped bring crunk music into mainstream America with Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz' "Get Low." However, many aren't familiar with are Da Muzicianz, but they will be soon.

The group, consisting of Ying Yang's D-Roc and his two brothers, Mr. Ball and Da Birthday Boy, happens to be the first act from D-Roc's PUNNNN! (People United Never Negotiating Negatively) Entertainment. But, don't let the name fool you. These guys are different from your traditional musicians.

"We use our voices as instruments," said Da Birthday Boy. "We are the musicians who don't blow instruments, but use our voices as instruments."

The brothers have been using their voices together for the past several years, always rapping with one another. Their honesty and ability to blend well with each other has helped them step up their game.

"We always have chemistry and we always immune to constructive criticism," Mr. Ball tells SOHH.com. "We give it and take it, all the time. Like if you do something that you don't agree with, you need to have a second opinion and if that second opinion feels the same way, then you could do something better. There's always room for improvement and that's for anybody."

Just because the Ying Yang Twins got signed doesn't mean Da Muzicianz got a record deal immediately. Like other artists, they had to build a buzz and stay on the grind, something which D-Roc put a lot of time into.

"It's like I've been putting it together for two years," D-Roc told SOHH.com. "I got a studio in my basement and we came up with songs, but at the same time, I was out promoting, handing out T-shirts, flyers, whatever it was to get Da Muzicianz name out there... that's when TVT came in and see all the hard work I put in and I signed to TVT."

Heads got to a taste of Da Muzicianz earlier last year when "The Walk" appeared on Ying Yang's last album, United States of Atlanta. They even scored another track, "Get Yern," on Ying Yang's Still United. With years of hard work and guest appearances on major records, the title of their forthcoming album, In Stores Now, was only appropriate.

"The reason why I picked the title In Stores Now is because for two years, people been saying, 'When's the album coming out? It's coming soon,'" D-Roc recalls. "So since I've been saying that for so long, it was only right for it to be In Stores Now."

With frequent Ying Yang producer Mr. Collipark ("Wait") on board as the executive producer, he adds fire throughout the whole album and even produced the lead single, "Camera Phone." The energetic track captures the mood of In Stores Now. "It's gonna be crunk because we like to party, but it will be all kinds of everything on there," said Da Birthday Boy. "There is party from the beginning to the end."

The album is even deeper than that though. In Stores Now happens to reflect an overlooked scene.

"What we're showing you is the party side of Atlanta," D-Roc explained. "That's the side of Atlanta everybody hasn't really seen, like how much partying you're doing. Everybody's always having a party out in Atlanta, like one day out of the week, somebody is having a birthday bash or something, and that's what we're touching on."

Just like many who love to kick back and party, don't expect Da Muzicianz to start any trouble. They're just looking to have a good time.

"We here to have fun with y'all. No beefing, no talking about drugs and selling them, ya know what I'm saying," Mr. Ball said. "We hustle, yeah... but we hustle on the street."

Da Muzicianz's In Stores Now drops on May 23.

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