Shyne Fights For His Money From Behind Bars

 An uncharacteristically exuberant Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar Award at The 78th Academy Awards last night (Mar. 5) in Los Angeles, California.

Owen Michelen, Shyne's lawyer, will be challenging the "Son of Sam" law that froze Barrow's assets last year. According to reports, Barrow's family is in dire need of monetary assistance.

"He was the sole support of his family", Michelen told The New York Post. "They are in very difficult financial circumstances."

The "Son of Sam" law prohibits any criminal offender to receive profits from a crime. Profits that would have gone to the offender are held to the benefit of the offender's victims or contributed to the state victim compensation fund.

Shyne (born Jamal Barrow), who is currently serving a 10-year sentence for his involvement in a 1999 shooting at a New York night club, signed a multi-million deal with Def Jam Records in 2004 and released the album God Father Buried Alive in the same year.

In March 2005, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Michael Garson, froze Barrow's assets including royalties from God Father Buried Alive and a $500,000 advance he received from Def Jam. The aforementioned assets were to be held until civil suits filed against Barrow by victims of the 1999 incident were settled.

On Tuesday (March 7), Michelen hopes to convince Justice Garson to allow Barrow's mother to get financial relief from the $500,000 advance. "Barrow's record deal is no way related to the crime" said Michelen. "The law's gone overboard. You don't lose all your rights in prison."

During the 1999 shooting, three club goers were shot, including Nataria Reuben who suffered a gunshot to the face. All of the victims' lawsuits cite "personal injuries, pain and suffering."

"Those funds are for the crime victims," said Reuben's lawyer Debra Reiser when word of Barrow's actions reached her. "That's what the law. He's trying to circumvent the law for his own purposes."

In June 2005, Barrow's appeal for a new trial was rejected by a five-member panel of a New York State Appeals Court. He is not eligible for parole until at least 2009.

In related news, Marion "Suge" Knight recently revealed that he had interest in signing Shyne to Death Row East, a subsidiary of Death Row Records.

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