Trina Gets "Uncut" On New DVD

 In a new DVD, Trina: Live and Uncut, the self-proclaimed "baddest bitch" gives fans a behind the scenes look at her life.

The DVD, being produced by 845 Entertainment and distributed by SMC Recordings/Fontana Universal, will feature a live performance, as well as a one-hour behind-the-scenes documentary entitled, Sex, Money, and Jewels. The documentary captures Trina recording at the studio, filming her videos and getting freaky on stage.

"I'm a chick in the game who is working, and people respect that," said Trina via a statement. "Yes, it has a lot to do with the whole sex appeal, but it's a mixture of that image and me as a person. It's my whole strong attitude.

"Doing a Trina DVD was a no-brainer everyone knows that Trina is both a sexy and dynamic figure in the hip-hop world," added 845 Entertainment Co-CEO Jarred Weisfeld. "Guys want to date her and girls want to be her. She has mass appeal and this is definitely groundbreaking material. Sex sells."

In related news, Slip-N-Slide, label home to Trina and Trick Daddy, recently inked a deal with Def Jam for their new aritsts including Rick Ross. However, Trina and Trick will remain signed to Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic.

Look for Trina: Live and Uncut to hit retail shelves later this year.

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