Cops Still Clueless in Busta Bodyguard Murder

 The hunt to find any evidence or identify the suspected killer of Busta Rhymes' recently murdered bodyguard Israel Ramirez has just become tougher for authorities.

According to a police source close to the New York Post, a key scene in the video evidence collected by police from the murder scene is missing.

Ramirez was shot and killed outside Brooklyn's Kiss the Cactus production studio on February 5, where Busta was filming a video for the remix of his single, "Touch It."

Authorities had collected video evidence from nearby cameras to gather information. Commercial media outfits who were at the video shoot also issued footage to authorities.

"We suspect that people are giving us what they are want to give us-and that is missing pieces," the source said.

Authorities believe Busta was standing by Ramirez when he got shot, but he and other witnesses who were at the scene have been tightlipped about the murder.

"Busta Rhymes is still not cooperating," the police source said. "His attitude is 'go fuck yourself."

A week ago, it seemed like investigators were about make a breakthrough when reports surfaced claiming that a 53 minute audio recording of the argument which took place before Ramirez killing existed. The recording was reportedly being sold to various media outlets for $50,000 but now authorities believe it might have been a hoax.

As SOHH previously reported, investigators believed that the argument which involved producer Swizz Beatz and G-Unit member Tony Yayo sparked the shooting. Prior reports claimed that Yayo ignited the argument but police sources now claim Swizz was laying a beat down and he didn't want Yayo to hear it.

Swizz loudly blurted out, "I don't want that guy hearing my shit," according to the source.

According to the source, a commotion ensued and Swizz went outside where two men affiliated with Yayo pulled out .45-caliber pistols trying to shoot at the producer. Ramirez was then shot in back during the incident.

Authorities say they have also considered bringing Busta in front of a grand jury which would either force him to talk or face jail time.

In addition to that, on Wednesday (March 1) an assault lawsuit filed by fan against Busta was made public. Melvin Smith, a 37-year-old handy man from East Orange, NJ, claims Busta and his bodyguard Troy Green hit him for no reason when he asked for an autograph outside a New York sandwich shop.

In related news, Busta recently completed the now infamous "Touch It" remix video. The clip, which features Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, DMX, Lloyd Banks, Rah Digga and Papoose, is scheduled to debut on all the major video outlets next week.

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