SWAT Team Targets Canadian Rapper For Hells Angels Association

 A SWAT team surrounded the Kelowna home of Canadian rapper Mad Child, of underground hip-hop group Swollen Members, yesterday morning (Dec. 12).

According to the Vancouver Sun, the officers swooped down on Vancouver's well-to-do Mission neighborhood and knocked on the door.

"They asked if they could come in, and I told them 'not without a search warrant,'" said Mad Child (real name Shane Bunting), one third of the Juno-Award winning rap group.

The police were looking for the owner of a silver Dodge Ram truck parked in his driveway, but Mad Child refused to cooperate.

"I told [the police] they could sit outside all day if they wanted, I wasn't going to let them in without a warrant," he said.

The police stayed positioned outside the rapper's home until media arrived around 10:30 a.m. when according to the rapper, cops told him not to do any press.

"One guy said 'I wouldn't do press if I was you, it's not a good idea,'" the rapper recalled. "But I did anyway. And then they left."

Mad Child said the police have been hounding him ever since his group featured a Hells Angels member in three music videos in 2003.

"The police have always had a grudge against me," Mad Child said. "It's pretty crazy. I've had to deal with it for the last five years. It's no big deal. But yeah, I have friends who are in the Hells Angels."

Right around noon that same day, cops arrested Lester Robert Jones, 35, a known Hells Angels member in Kelowna.

He was one of 19 people hauled off to jail in Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and the United States as part of an initiative involving 250 police officers all over the country.

Mark Schilperoort, 29, of North Vancouver was also arrested, charged with cocaine trafficking. Police say he's not a Hells Angels member, but still a "person of interest."

A spokeswoman with the Kelowna Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) didn't provide any information about the swoop on Mad Child's house or whether the two incidents were connected.

"All I know is that the southeast district drug section played an assisting role [with Manitoba]," said Const. Julie Rattee.

Sgt. Line Karpish, of the Manitoba RCMP, also wouldn't confirm if the two incidents were related.

"This is part of an ongoing investigation so we have to be very careful about what we say. The warrants are all sealed," she said.

Mad said he had heard of Jones, the arrested Hells Angels biker, but didn't know him. The rapper also admitted that he'd borrowed the truck from a friend because the weather was too bad for him to pull out his BMW. But he said Jones was not the owner of the vehicle.