50 Cent: File-Sharing Doesn

ImageRapper, 50 Cent, recently gave an interview to Pål Nordseth in Oslo, and we learn that the famous rapper doesn’t see file-sharing as the problem the music companies do.


“What is important for the music industry to understand is that this really doesn’t hurt the artists,” he said.  “A young fan may be just as devout and dedicated no matter if he bought it or stole it.”

Somehow one suspects that 50 Cent won’t be on the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Christmas card list this year.  The cornerstone of all the arguments against file-sharing has been how it hurts the artists, but the number of artists who don’t agree with the association seems to be growing.

If not album sales, how will artists make their money?  50 cent has some thoughts on this matter also.  “The concerts are crowded and the industry must understand that they have to manage all the 360 degrees around an artist.”  He also went on to say that “They, (the industry), have to maximize their income from concerts and merchandise. It is the only way they can get their marketing money back.”

Short of just giving up the fight all together, with the artists turning against them, the record companies need to rethink their business model, and come up with something new that embraces the new technologies.  Until then, the companies will need to find someway of enticing customers away from file-sharing, and that seems difficult with some artists saying the exact opposite.

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