Andre 3000 Gets Animated For "Class of 3000"

 Andre "3000" Benjamin appeared at a Cartoon Network breakfast to preview his forthcoming animated series, "Class of 3000," earlier today (March 1).

The series follows a group of musically inclined kids at Atlanta's Westley School of Performing Arts who find a mentor in Sunny Bridges, a Westley alumnus-turned-superstar who leaves the limelight to give back to his old school.

Though one of the kids, Lil D, is loosely based on Dre's childhood, the emcee lands his voice to Bridges. According to Dre, who created the show with co-executive producer Tom Lynch, the tandem took two years to build the series, fine tuning details from the show's music to the character's ethnic diversity.

"I come from the projects and [I used to] go all the way across town to school, which is in Buckhead, a prominent part of Atlanta," said Dre at the event. "And I went to school with mayor's kids and commissioner's kids, so it was a mash up then. One of my best friends, he was French. Another best friend was Indian.

"So when we created the show, we didn't want it to be just all black characters or all white characters," he added. "We just created a world and it kind of mirrors what's going on right now. Everybody hang out with everybody. It's not like you just stay in your own little clique. There's a huge Crayola box going on."

Though the show is slated to debut this fall, Dre is planning ahead. He hopes to release a soundtrack featuring the series' music and plans are already in motion to land guest appearances for the show's second season.

"We're reaching out to a lot of people," Dre revealed. "A lot of people are interested. Every time you drop an album, you kinda go through this whole run. You do "TRL"-you do all those shows. I think 'Class of 3000' will be one of those places that record companies will say, 'We want our artist to be on this show.' It'll be a cool place."

Despite his character decision to leave the music industry, Dre says he plans to continue recording and even mentioned that a new Outkast album would be coming soon.

In related news, Big Boi, Dre's partner-in-rhyme, will be hitting the big screen on his own in the Chris Robinson-directed ATL. The film also stars T.I..

Andre 3000's "Class of 3000" is scheduled to premiere in November 2006 on the Cartoon Network.

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