Techniec Clarifies Status With Black Wallstreet

 The talk has been going on heavy and the week started off with the main question "Did Techniec Leave Black Wallstreet?" It all began after the official Black Wallstreet website relaunched minus Tech's name on the artist roster.

"The status is I wish Black Wallstreet the best but it will be without Techniec. Techniec is doing Techniec's thing, and Dynamic Certified. That's what it is." clarifies Techniec.

Techniec affiliated himself with The Game early last year as a part of a supertrio of MCs known as The MOB, which consisted of himself, Game and Eastwood. As an artist who has continued his grind and kept projects on the move with his Dynamic Certified Entertainment, he's not letting any of it slow him down. "I'm still gonna move forward with my mixtape. Look forward to some more Dynamic Certified. We will release an independent album this year, for the streets. We got alot of things in the works. Won't stop, I keep on moving."

Dynamic Certified recently shot a video for Bounce That, and Techniec is near completion of his highly anticipated solo mixtape.

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