Field Mob Lines Up Bun B and Ciara for DTP Debut

 Field Mob is preparing to release their third album, Light Poles and Pine Trees. The album also serves as the ATL duo's debut on Disturbing Tha Peace/Geffen Records.

Field Mob's Shawn Jay and Smoke recently created a stir with hit single "Georgia," a song that struck a definite chord for listeners familiar with another Georgia native, Ray Charles, whose voice is sample on the hook. DTP honcho Ludacris also appears on the track.

"We've been trying to do 'Georgia' since our first CD," Shawn Jay said via a statement. "But we could never get the beat for it. We never had the means to actually put it together. Now, years later, after all we've been through, we ended up getting with the one person that could make it happen, Ludacris."

On Light Poles and Pine Trees, Field Mob is joined by the likes of Luda, Ciara, Bun B, Bone Crusher, Jazze Pha and a DTP labelmate Bobby Valentino.

Jazze, who produced the duo's 2002 breakout hit "Sick of Being Lonely," rejoined the duo on the track "So What," which also features Ciara.

Field Mob recently dropped their first official single, "Friday Night." The two created the song with a regular Field Mob collaborator, producer Kenjo.

"Oh, we have fun," Shawn Jay stated. "Me and Smoke have been through what we've been through, and done our dirt. But everything's got a place. And we still like to have a good time. Besides, people don't want to see you just trying to be hard all the time, mean mugging. I really want to ask some of these millionaires why they are on TV mean mugging and mad. And they're millionaires!"

As for the title of the album, Field Mob says the inspiration behind the name comes from the city they call home, Albany, Georgia. "The name of the album is Light Poles and Pine Trees because there ain't no skyline where we're from," stated Shawn J.

"There's no arch like in St. Louis or palm trees like California," added Smoke. "You look up and that's what you see in Albany."

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