Akon Pleads Not Guilty In Fan Tossing Debacle

 Akon has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges today (December 3) for throwing a teenaged boy off the stage during a June performance in upstate New York.


The boy thrown off the stage landed on a minor named Abby Rosa, who suffered a conncussion when the boy landed on her.

The incident took place during a performance in Fishkill, New York on June 3.

Akon asked the crowd to point out an individual who had thrown an item on stage during his performance.

The culprit, a teenaged boy, was singled out and security brought him up on stage. After picking the boy up and hoisting him up on his shoulders, Akon propelled him back into the crowd, where he landed on Rosa.

"It was never Akon's intention to violate the law," Akon’s manager Benjamin Brafman said in a written statement. "This unfortunate incident was a spontaneous reaction during a live concert that Akon deeply regrets."

This is not the first time the multi-platinum star has been scrutinized for his antics during concerts.

Akon came under fire in April, after footage of a concert in Trinidad hit the net showing the singer having simulated sex on stage with what turned out to be a 14-year-old girl, who was allowed into the club despite being under aged.

He later apologized for the incident.

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