Chamillionaire, Wendy Williams Talk Don Imus' Return On Larry King

ImageGrammy Award-winning rapper Chamillionaire will join The Rev. Al. Sharpton, Wendy Williams, and others on Larry King Live tonight (Dec. 3) to discuss the return of controversial shock jock Don Imus, who began his new radio show today.


Patrick Gottch - who owns the rights to simulcast Imus, Imus' attorney Marty Garbus, and Larry Elder of The Larry Elder Show on KABC in LA, will also air out their opinions about Imus.

An apologetic Imus returned to the radio this morning after being off the air for eight months for making racially-charged comments about members of the Rutgers women's basketball team. Imus called the players "nappy-headed @#*$" on the air. He was fired from ABC a day after MSNBC, the cable network that simulcasted Imus' radio show, decided to discontinue broadcasting it. The popular show aired on 61 stations across the nation.

Imus was initially only suspended for two weeks, but the firing came after immense pressure from various social and civic organizations, as well as presidential hopeful Sen. Barak Obama and Rev. Sharpton.

Imus' new show adds two black members to the regular cast: comics Karith Foster, who used to work on The View, and Tony Powell.

Imus referred to the new show as a "second chance" and a "rejuvenation," according to New York's Daily News. He spent the first 15 minutes of the kick-off episode talking about the Rutgers fiasco.

"Even if I'm a good person, that doesn't give me license to say something reprehensible about people who don't deserve it," Imus told his listeners.

The debate, including Chamillionaire, will aire on Larry King Live on CNN at 9 p.m EST.

In related news, Cham's latest project, Mixtape Messiah 4 is set to be released on Dec. 18.

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