Busta Rhymes' Bodyguard Evidence For Sale

 An alleged 53-minute audio recording of the argument which took place before the killing of Busta Rhymes' bodyguard Israel Ramirez is reportedly being offered to various media outlets for $50,000, but the New York Police Derpartment wants the owner to come forward.

Ramirez was recently shot and killed outside Brooklyn's Kiss the Cactus production studio on February 5, where Busta was filming a video for the remix of his single, "Touch It."

Authorities believe Busta was standing by Ramirez when he got shot, but he and other witnesses who were at the scene, including Tony Yayo, have refused to cooperate.

According to a transcript of the recording obtained by the New York Daily News, Busta can be heard on recording trying to calm things down during the argument and while he does so, a man who is believed to be the killer refers to him as a "bitch."

The transcript also confirms that Yayo played a major role in the argument.

As previously reported, investigators claimed that an hour before Ramirez was shot, "Touch It" producer Swizz Beatz exchanged words with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, which they believe lead to killing.

"I hope the person who has this tape or video would cooperate with authorities," said Jerry Schmetterer, spokesman for the Brooklyn district attorney. "Especially if it provides evidence in this case,"

A source close to Daily News also added that gunfire cannot be heard on the recording, since the shooting took place outside but sounds of the aftermath are captured. "You can hear screaming and the chaos and the 911 call," the source said.

"It's totally irresponsible of this person to withhold what could be a vital piece of evidence in an active homicide investigation," an NYPD spokesman said yesterday.

Busta has faced harsh criticism in the past two weeks from Ramirez's family, prosecutors, activists and the NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, for his silence concerning the murder.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that authorities are planning on use a grand jury to force Busta and other witnesses to share what they know or face prison time.

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