Gucci Mane Knows "Everybody Looking" For New Album

Gucci Mane Knows Everybody Looking For New Album

We've all seen the videos of Gucci Mane back in the lab. We've all heard "First Day Out Tha Feds," the song he released the day after his release from prison. Now, we all know the release date and title of Guwop's first album as a free man.

"This what ya'll been askin for," Gucci Mane says on Instagram. "So here it come "Everybody Looking" JULY 22!"

In preparation for Everybody Looking, the Atlanta legend was recently pictured with Drake and Young Thug. After his release from prison, Guwop quickly got back in the studio with his day one producer, Zaytoven, who expressed nothing but excitement at Gucci Mane getting back to work. He told HipHopDX that his friend didn't skip a beat after being locked away for three years.

"Gucci is a guy that I think that has a sound that has created a way, even if you listen to the music today, it’s all, like 90 percent of it stems from the rap music that Gucci really created maybe 10 years ago," he said, "so he just got out and got back to business, got back to doing what he do. Just like me, the sound I’ve created and the sound I have I’ve been doing since we’ve started, so there’s nothing that we really had to go and change. Of course we kinda sparked it up a little bit, added a few new things, we started working. But for the most part, he got back to doing what he been doing before he left. He knew how to do that so good, as you can see, he dropped so much music while he was gone, people hardly know he was gone."

Guwop continued cranking out music from behind bars, including the Meal Ticket mixtape.

Shortly after gaining his freedom, Gucci Mane's 2009 album The State vs. Radric Davis was certified Gold.

View the cover art for Gucci Mane's Everybody Lookin below: