Kanye West Regrets Nothing He's Said

Kanye West Regrets Nothing He's Said

Kanye West called himself "an expression of inconvenient truths" during a surprise interview with Big Boy on 92.3 FM in Los Angeles on June 3.

During the hour-long conversation that also featured the debut single off his long-awaited Cruel Winter project and karaoke renditions of his songs "Runaway" and "Flashing Lights," Kanye spoke on his occasionally outspoken nature.

“We gonna be gone in a hundred years. I feel like we can’t say enough," he said.

When asked if he wished he could take anything back, he said simply, "No."

Still, he says that his wife Kim Kardashian and other people in his life ask him why he said or did things “all the time.”

“I explain. I go deep," he said. "We take it back years to before I was born and the what and why of what my purpose is, why I’m here, why I gotta represent the artist. I gotta represent justice. I gotta represent what we all see but won’t say.”

He continued on the importance of self-expression. “This is what we do man. Just say how you feel man. Music is all we got. It’s our only opportunity to fully express ourselves … If you can’t even express yourself on the drums, what expression do you have?”

“The Kanye that y’all know is not just an expression of inconvenient truths," he added. "It’s also innovation of sound, innovation of colors, of clothing, architecture, film. I’m just getting started in this lifetime."

Watch the full interview below.