Kanye West Breaks Down On Stage; Mom's Funeral Tuesday

ImageHip-Hop star Kanye West broke down in tears in Paris last night (November 17) during his first performance since the death of his mother, Dr. Donda West.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that West needed several extra days to gather strength after hearing about the tragic, sudden loss of his mother, who died of complications from plastic surgery.

West’s emotions boiled over last night during a performance at Le Zenith in Paris, according to reports.

West, who canceled a high profile performance and appearance during Victoria Secret’s annual fashion show, gave a full performance to a packed house.

He reportedly attempted to finish his set by performing "Hey Mama" in honor of his mother, but the rapper broke down in tears before he could finish the song.

Members of his band came to console West, but he continued to cry in the spotlight before leaving the stage.

The rapper eventually regained his composure and performed his hit single "Stronger," to an applauding crowd.

In related news, West will be in Oklahoma City on Tuesday for funeral services for Dr. Donda West, who graduated from Douglass High School in 1967, has immediate family in the area, including her mother and father.

The funeral will take place at the Howard-Harris Funeral Home. Dr. Donda West died on November after receiving a tummy tuck and liposuction from celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Jan. Adams.

A coroner has ruled that Dr. West most likely died of complications from the plastic surgery, but an official cause of death will not be known for at least 1 ½ months. 

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