Ballistic Evidence Points To Troy Ave’s Gun, Maino’s Girlfriend Among The Victims

Ballistic Evidence Points To Troy Ave’s Gun, Maino’s Girlfriend Among The Victims

Police continue to investigate a deadly shooting that left one man dead and three others injured, including rapper Troy Ave, during a concert in Manhattan on Wednesday (May 25).

Troy Ave, born Roland Collins, will be charged with attempted murder when he is discharged from NYU Medical Center, where he is being treating for a gunshot wound to the leg.

Detectives believe Troy Ave shot himself, as well as three other people, after a fist fight turned into gunplay backstage at Irving Plaza.

The man killed in the ordeal was named Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, who was reportedly a close associate and childhood friend of Troy Ave.

Police have ruled out a feud with Maino as the source of the violence. Instead, detectives are investigating if the dispute was connected to tensions with another person or parties.

So far, Troy Ave is the only suspect in the shooting.

Police have tested all five of the shell casings recovered and four of them brought back results that were consistent with the weapon Troy Ave was captured on video firing.

“We have one gun right now and one gun only,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

The police are still trying to determine if any rounds were fired from another weapon, which may have been a revolver. At the moment, all of the evidence points to Troy Ave according to Detective Boyce.

“We have (Collins) on tape. carrying we believe that same gun,” Detectives Boyce said. “I will say that shell casing you saw that was fired is in line with other shell casings recovered inside the VIP room.”

Meanwhile, it was just reported that Maino’s girlfriend was one of the victims of the deadly shooting.

A representative for Maggie Heckstall told ABC7 that she was shot in the knee and has already undergone several complex surgeries. Heckstall’s rep said she planned to sue all of the parties involved.