Rick Ross Defends Upcoming Gangster Flick, Checks King Of Pop For New CD

 As Rick Ross readies his new gangster-themed documentary and Michael Jackson-inspired disc, he intends to keep it "trill."


The Carol City rapper happens to be a big fan of Michael Jackson. He said, "the album is like Thriller but you know we had to put that trill on it. You know the definition of trill means realer than the fake."

His first album, last year's Port of Miami was real on the charts, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The album has pushed 900,000 copies to date. But the rapper said Trilla's poised to do even better.

"I just hit the road and did [Port of Miami] on the back of tour bus," Ross said. "This album, I got to collaborate instead of just rappin' over beats."

The album features Jay-Z, Akon, Lil Wayne, T-Pain and R. Kelly. On the production side, The Runners, DJ Toomp and Cool and Dre, blessed the album.

The DadeCounty rapper's also putting out M.I. Yayo, a documentary which showcases Miami's most notorious drug kingpins. The DVD will drop alongside the album.

"It's like a top 10 count down of the biggest dudes to come from my hood," Ross said.

With the recent renewed interest in big time drug legends like Frank Lucas and Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson fueled by Hollywood and Hip-Hop, Rick said, "My timing for Yayo is perfect."

And he gives no credibility to the flack artists get for glorifying the drug life.

"These artists are entertainers," Ross Explains. "The same way [Martin] Scorsese sat down and did the [Goodfellas], Rick Ross can do the same. That's the umbrella I'm under. I'm with the producers and directors."

But the Miami rapper who takes his name from notorious Los Angeles drug lord Ricky "Freeway" Ross isn't all about the gangsta lifestyle. Rick opened his restaurant, Hip Hop Grub Spot, in Miami. The rapper will pass out turkeys from the Hip-Hop themed healthy fast food spot this Thanksgiving.

"It's another venture [in which] we helped bring something to the hood to create a few more jobs," Ross said. "The important thing to me was they took a vacant building that people was getting high in and renovated it and created a little excitement for the hood."

Ricky will take off on tour with Plies, Trick Daddy and others at the top of the year. Trilla via Slip-N-Slide/Def Jam and M.I. Yayo is due in stores.

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