Diddy Associate Files Motion To Stop Tupac Murder Speculation

ImageA former associate of Sean "Diddy" Combs filed a motion to keep the Bad Boy honcho from passing out FBI interrogation records in which it appears that an informant somehow links the associate to the shooting of the late Tupac Shakur.


James Sabatino once worked as a consultant for Bad Boy Entertainment. Sabatino filed a $19 million lawsuit against Puff last month, alleging the mogul never paid him for certain B.I.G. tracks recorded right before the late rapper's death.

Now, Sabatino, who is incarcerated in a Pennsylvania prison on unrelated fraud charges, is accusing Puff of going on a smear campaign, distributing FBI reports that make Sabatino look suspect concerning Pac's murder, according to the Associated Press.

Reports detail an FBI interview that took place more than six years after Tupac's death, wherein an unidentified source who knew both the rapper and Sabatino claimed he was there at Quad Studios when the shooting took place in 1994.

The informant went on to say that Sabatino didn't appear to be fazed when they heard gunshots from the studio. And when a bloodied Pac appeared, Sabatino yelled, "Get that piece of @#!* out of here!''

Tupac was due in court the very next day for the verdict in his sexual assault case. According to the informant, Sabatino said the rapper needed to be "dealt with" before he went to jail.

Tupac survived that shooting, but was shot and killed two years later in a drive-by in Las Vegas.

Sabatino has always maintained his innocence.

"He had nothing to do with either of the shootings--Tupac Shakur or Christopher Wallace, who he considered a dear friend,'' said Renee Morrison, a spokeswoman for Sabatino's Florida-based company, Sound Storm Entertainment.

Two FBI investigation records are included in the filing. In one, the informant is described as someone who met Tupac through Sabatino. In the other, the informant is described as someone who met Diddy through Sabatino.

Sabatino has never been charged with any wrongdoing in Tupac's shooting.

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