Dr. Donda West's Surgeon Has History Of Malpractice Allegations, DUIs

ImageThe unfortunate death of hip-hop star Kanye West's mother after a cosmetic procedure, has brought to light a history of botched jobs on the surgeon's operating table.


The doctor who performed Donda West's tummy tuck and breast reduction, Dr. Jan Adams, is in hot water with the Medical Board of California over several DUI cases and has had judgments against him in at least two malpractice cases, according to legal documents filed in California and obtained by CNN.

The Beverly Hills doctor has "multiple convictions for alcohol-related offenses," medical board executive director David Thornton said in his complaint accusing Adams of violating the Medical Practice Act. According to the complaint, Adams was put on probation in 2003 and ordered to complete an alcohol abuse program. But he's since had at least two more run-ins.

His most recent DUI was in 2006. Thornton's complaint, dated April 10, called for Adams' medical license to be revoked or suspended, but instead, a settlement was reached concerning the disciplinary actions that would be taken. And when West went under the knife, the medical board was still reviewing that settlement. The board received the settlement on November 2 and sources say it's likely to take a month before the board finishes its work.

The sources also said the board would likely renew Adams' medical license, which expires on April 30, 2008.

By all other accounts, the doctor appeared to be qualified.

According to his Website, which has been taken down, Adams graduated from Harvard University and the Ohio State University School of Medicine and studied plastic surgery at the University of Michigan.

The doctor is the author of two books, Everything Women of Color Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery and Health, Wellness and Cosmetic Surgery for the Woman of Color, Volume 2. He also hosts Discovery Health's "Plastic Surgery: Before and After" and has made several appearances on "Oprah."

In addition, Adams sells several lines of skin care products through his company Carswell Products and another, called "Rudalgo" -- Adams' middle name -- through his company JRA Nutridermaceuticals.

But apparently, Adams is more impressive on paper than on the operating table.

The doc has settled at least two malpractice suits. The only available details are the settled payouts, one for $250,000 and another for $217,000.

Adams hasn't responded to the media regarding questions concerning the medical board complaint except to say that he did nothing wrong in West's surgery and that her death was unforeseen. He has released a statement refusing any further comments.

An autopsy on Dr. West was performed by the Los Angeles coroner's office yesterday (November 14), but a spokesperson told the Chicago Sun-Times the results will not be released until toxicology reports are complete, in approximately six to eight weeks.

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