Hopsin Reveals Age He Became A Millionaire

Hopsin Reveals Age He Became A Millionaire

Hopsin shares the age he was when he became a self-made millionaire.

According to Los Angeles rapper Hopsin, he was either 27 or 28-years-old when he became a millionaire. During an interview with Vlad TV, he explained that he is in fact a self-made millionaire, and recalled being aware of his financial goal and how to obtain it, at at young age.

Hopsin revealed that he knew he was going to become a millionaire one way or another, whether it was through music or another route.

"Everybody just always assumes they're gonna reach that point, but I've always been aware I had to do something to make me reach that point," Hopsin said. "So, I always pictured myself being wealthy and being able to travel the world. I didn't know how. If it was gonna be through skateboarding, through acting, through doing voice-overs for cartoons or animations, or music. I didn't know what it was gonna be. But I knew it was gonna be one of those things. And when I was around 14-years-old, I just realized that it was more than likely gonna be music that took me to that level."

Hopsin later spoke on taking aim at Funk Volume CEO and ex-business partner, Damien Ritter on the presumed diss track, "ILL Mind of Hopsin 8." The rapper went on to explain that the song was meant to serve as a peek at the happenings in his life, and not a diss record.

"I wasn't making any intentions," he said. "I make songs about my life. So, that's a situation of my life. It's just my diary. I don't make it--I didn't word it in a way where I'm lyrically trying to demolish him. I was just stating the facts of what I went through. So yeah, people make songs about their life. That's what it was...I haven't talked to him since December."

Video of Hopsin speaking on becoming a self-made millionaire, can be found below.