Jay Z Speaks

ImageJay-Z recently hosted an online chat where fans could ask him the questions that burned their souls. Here are some of the questions, and a few answers.

Besides Dead Presidents - what is your fav song done by you?
Can I Live and D'Evils

When is the album coming out?

I don't know at this time about doing a new album, although I’m itching to do one…we’ll see.

Was there ever a point in your career when you just wanted to stop rapping, before the retirement, before Vol. 1?

To be honest with you, in my delusional mind I thought I would make 1 album and cross over to the executive side. But you know when you love something it's hard to just walk away. Besides I was the only artist at the time on Roc-a-Fella

Who is your fav old school rapper?
Rakim and Kane and G Rap

How do u feel about the passing of Jay Dee and how well did u know dude?
I didn't know him personally I was a fan of his work from afar. I was talking to Ahmir (?uest) from the roots the other day about him and he told me he was the producers' producers' producer and they had made a song dedicated to him before he passed. We're going to put that out in honor of him... may he rest in peace

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