Wu-Tang Vs Rza, "You Don't Rob Your Friends

ImageRaekwon is so unhappy with Rza's direction for the new Wu-Tang Clan album that he threatened to release another Wu album without fellow member Rza.


In a recent interview with Hip-Hop personality Miss Info, Rae said that he and the other members of Wu are very unhappy with Rza's heavy guitar-layden beats on the group's upcoming comeback disc, 8 Diagrams. So much so that they will come out with a follow-up album if changes aren't made to this one, or of it's not permanently shelved.

"Rza's tryin' to create too much of a orchestra, piano ...he's trying to do too much of this guitar shit like he got a guitar on his fucking back," Raekwon said. "We don't want that and the fans don't know us for that."

Rae said the rift began with musical critiques by the group members of Rza's new sound.

"This is a new sound trust me, I know where I'm at and I'm the Rza, just trust me,'" Rae said Rza told the group. "No, we're not trusting you because we're not walkin' outta the studio happy. It's his vibe. He's like a hip-hop hippie right now."

After much back and forth, According to Raekwon, Rza still refused to change the music.

"Now it's to the point where it's like, Yo B, I'm not havin it ... I'm not cosigning that," Rae said. "If you got seven or eight brothers telling you blah, blah, blah, you gotta take heed to that. You been out-voted, B."

But at this point, the group is already over budget and the album is pretty much finished. Though Rae said nobody's happy with the project except Rza, it looks like it will hit the street as is. If that happens, Rae said he and the other members will release Shaolin vs Wutang, a response album without Rza.

"We gotta strike back with something right away to let them know we wasn't in agreement with that," Raekwon said. "If this album sucks around and goes that way, its gonna be a big shock to the game."

Whether the artistic differences get settled before the album is pressed or not, Rae said the money situation needs to be set straight.

"Don't play with a grown man's pocket, B." Raekwon said. "At the end of the day, you may have felt like you put millions in a nigga's pocket. We appreciate it, but you know what? Don't ever let a nigga feel like you stealin' from him or you takin' something from him or you bein' sneaky and you can't show and prove certain things."

Raekwon wasn't specific about the allegations of money mismanagement, but he as much as called Rza a thief.

"Don't rob me and be my friend," he said. "I ain't with that. You don't rob your friends," Rae said. "You might as well be pimpin' me or something. You ain't payin' me ... you ain't keeping me fresh." 

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