The Game's Black Wall Street Goes Global

ImageThe European division of The Game's Black Wall Street label, is dropping its first official release this week and the album is free.


The BWS Europe's debut mixtape, Internationally Known, will be available for free download on their official website on Sunday (November 11).

Black Wall Street is more than a hip-hop label, according to a statement. It's an organization "interested in the primary social development and economic advancement of the Hip- Hop community."

The Euro division of the label has gained a large fan base in the country with the help of Austrian rapper and the label's first European recruit, Big J, aka Austriaz most blunted; and Germany's well-known club DJ, DJ Maaleek, who hosts the debut album.

The set also features BWS artists The Game, Juice and Clyde Carson.

BWS plans to kick off its European club tour next summer and will launch a clothing line with items available online by the end of the year. 

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