The Game Wants To Be 50 Cent For H'ween, "He's Scary"

ImageWest Coast rapper The Game attended a pretrial hearing earlier today (October 31) on weapons charges in association with an incident that happened during a pick-up game of b-ball in February.


Game is being accused of making criminal threats, possessing a firearm in a school zone, and exhibiting a firearm in the presence of an officer; all the result of of an incident that took place at South L.A.'s Rita Walters Educational Learning Complex on February 24. The Game pled guilty to all charges last month.

Despite the serious charges, the rapper was in good spirits after yesterday's five minute hearing, and spent about a half an hour talking to TMZ cameras about all things pop culture.

Game's fantasies of the actress Lindsay Lohan - known most recently for her back-and-forth stints in rehab - involve her knocking on his door, "with a long trench coat on and Fredericks under the coat," he told cameras.

He also announced a proposition for fallen pop princess, Britney Spears.

"I'll shampoo your hair, rub your feet, watch your kids [and] be your body guard for some ..."

Tactfully, he didn't finish the sentence but check the video for the illustrative hand gesture.

Lohan and Spears, aside, the rapper claims to prefer big women.

"I love big women," he said. "I don't like big women I love big women. All you gotta do is ... lift the love handle up, put four fingers in and just tickle it."

For Halloween, Game said he was considering dressing up as his former boss.

"I was thinking of being a gangster rapper," he said. "50 Cent. He's scary. Muahahahaha!"

In between rambling, Game even did the Kid-N-Play dance move for the cameras.

Game's trial is set for mid November. 

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