Jim Jones Challenges Jay-Z's "Gangsta," "That's My Money Right There, Ol' Head"

ImageIn a candid radio interview yesterday (Oct. 30), Dipset capo, Jim Jones spoke on his controversial alliances with 50 Cent and Dame Dash, and he aired out Jay-Z for hogging record sales.


Jones, notorious for kicking up controversy, admitted to Hot 97's Angie Martinez that he finds himself in the middle of hip-hop squabbles so often because he does it on purpose.

He injected himself into the 50 Cent vs. Kanye West face-off when he appeared on stage at a 50 show for a surprise performance with the mogul. Fif had earlier invited him to share in the shine.

"He gave me the opportunity to start some controversy, which I love to do," Jimmy said of 50."

As far as Jones is concerned, his ploy worked.

"Every interview they did with Kanye, they asked about Jim Jones ... I gotta shine," Jimmy said.

Around the same time, fellow Dipsetter Cam'ron had a televised beef with 50 Cent. The two had also traded insults on tracks. But Jimmy said his performance with 50 wasn't about slighting Cam, and that the mogul's beef with Jim's label-mate wasn't even a big deal.

"Him and Cam had a comedic battle more than anything. It wasn't no death threats. They both was making mockeries off each other and that's something I couldn't get into."

But when Hov is the subject to be mocked, Jones sings a different tune.

Jimmy tapped former Jay business partner Dame Dash to host his new mixtape, Harlem American Gangsta. The album is a direct shot at Jay, who's concept disc, American Gangster -- the unofficial soundtrack to the Denzel Washington flick of the same name -- hits the street the same day.

"I figure some people make soundtracks to the movies about Harlem and we do soundtracks to the streets about Harlem," Jones said.

For the movies or otherwise, Jones said he wishes Jay would just stop putting out albums altogether.

"He's pretty much on top and he been in the game [too long], he messin' up my grind right now," Jones said. "He keep comin' out and takin' this money, like that's my money right there, old head. I need that paper, man. Every time you come out, you mess it up for brothers like me. We need in. That's why I do things like put out albums in one week." 

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