Clipse Sign To Columbia Records

 Rap duo the Clipse has signed a 5-year, multimillion dollar contract with music mogul Rick Rubin at Sony/Columbia Records.


A&R rep Hip-Hop-who has helped guided the careers of Jay-Z and Kanye West and helped to broker the Clipse deal-said he personally sought out the pair.

"I been a fan of the Clipse since I first heard them," Hip-Hop said via statement. "And I ain't a fan of too many things. Every song they come with it, lyrically. They were on a real short list when I got to Sony; I was going all the way to make this happen. We trying to be more of an artist-friendly company, and focus on artists we really love. I liked them three years ago, I liked them yesterday, and I feel like they can be a group with a future."

Clipse - consisting of Virgina brothers Pusha T and Malice - first hit the airwaves in 2002 with their platinum debut, Lord Willin'. In late 2006, they dropped the critically acclaimed Hell Hath No Fury and have since released several volumes of the "We Got It 4 Cheap" mixtape series.

Their multimillion dollar contract with Columbia accommodates not only forthcoming Clipse albums, but also solo efforts from each brother, and collective recordings with MCs Ab-Liva and Sandman. Together, the foursome comprises the Re-Up Gang, which will enjoy 50/50 profit sharing with Columbia and will retain ownership of their masters at deal's end.

A Re-Up release is slated for a March of '08, followed by a Clipse album scheduled for this summer.

"The Clipse represent everything that we've all known Rick Rubin to represent: hip-hop in its purest form," said Pusha T via statement. "To know that the head guy is a creative guy as well, that makes me feel good. I come from being surrounded by creativity. And I felt like in going forward, I wanted to be able to put out as much music as I wanted to. That was my goal. That's been the one thing that's hindered the Clipse. And Sony's allowing us to do that."

The group's manager, Tony Draper, said there were several deals on the table, "but only one label stepped up to the plate; that was Rick Rubin and Hip-Hop."

Clipse join a roster of urban acts including the recently signed Jim Jones and Beyoncé.

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