oxy Brown's Prison Infractions Blamed On Hearing Problem

 Incarcerated rapper Foxy Brown was recently thrown in the hole at Rikers for bad behavior, but her manager said the whole thing is a misunderstanding largely due to the artist's hearing impairments.


Foxy (born Inga Marchand) was sentenced to 76 days of "punitive segregation" after committing three violations at Rikers Island this month.

Foxy's manager, Chaz Williams of Black Hand Entertainment, said the allegations against the Brooklyn bred rapper aren't completely true, according to Billboard.

"There was an incident where a girl attempted to confront her and she stood her ground, but there wasn't any contact," Williams explained to Billboard. "Words were exchanged and that was it."

About Foxy's alleged refusal to take a drug test? "Really she didn't hear the request," Williams said. "She has a battery-operated device and sometimes it dies out."

Williams said by the time Foxy realized what officials were asking, it was too late and the decision to take disciplinary action had already been made.

The three incidents that sent her to the hole don't include her refusal to board a prison bus headed to a Brooklyn court. She reportedly refused to board the bus twice saying she needed to do her hair, make-up and eat lunch first.

Williams said this too, was a result of Brown's hearing impairment.

According to Foxy's manager, councilmember Charles Barron visited Foxy in jail and then called the commissioner himself to explain the rapper's hearing problem and to request she be taken out of punitive segregation. A medical team reportedly examined her health and found that she does in fact have a serious hearing problem. The investigation is ongoing.

In October 2005, Foxy first announced her sudden hearing loss. She is scheduled to release her new album, Brooklyn's Don Diva, under a new deal with Koch on November 20. 

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