Ruff Ryders Squash Rumors about DMX, The Lox and Swizz Beatz

 With rumors spreading regarding their label, Ruff Ryders executives Dee and Waah Dean spoke exclusively to to clear the air on DMX, The Lox and Jin.

Contrary to popular belief, DMX hasn't left the imprint he helped to make popular in the late '90s. In fact, the Yonkers, NY rapper is now signed to Ruff Ryder/Sony. The label remains in business with Def Jam for R&B singer Aja.

"The whole situation just didn't click with the change," Waah Dean told "With DMX... It just didn't work. They just fired everybody, came in with the Arista system and it just didn't work for us. So we just worked our way up out of that joint."

X is scheduled to film a video for his first single via the new deal, "We In Here," in Houston during NBA All-Star Weekend.

The Double R has however ended its joint venture with Virgin Records, which released Jin and Drag-On's solo projects. Though the battle emcee is still contractually obligated to Ruff Ryders, the label is in the process of releasing Jin from his contract. Ruff Ryders are currently shopping a deal for Drag.

Late last year, reports also surfaced that The Lox would cease recording for Interscope. Furthermore, the trio cited that Diddy continued to cash in on most of their publishing while 50 Cent pulled strings at Interscope. Diddy has since given the group its publishing back and the Dean brothers are presently helping D-Block renegotiate a deal with Interscope.

"The Lox is recording," Waah Dean explained. "It was just more so negotiations. They feel that they wanted to get a better position in the deal, so they took that route. They went out there and they started talking about the situation. They felt a certain way about whatever was happening. We got them to the drawing board with Interscope and we're just pretty much working out the kinks."

With red hot producer Swizz Beatz now acting as the label's vice president as well as heading up his own Full Surface imprint over at J Records, Ruff Ryders are hoping to return to prominence.

Styles P's Time Is Money, DMX's We In Here and solo albums from Jadakiss and Drag-On are all slated to hit stores this year.

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