Real Life "American Gangster" Tells Hs Story On BET

 Notorious drug kingpin Frank Lucas, who will be the focus of upcoming feature film American Gangster, is set to give his story for the first time ever as part of an episode of the BET series of the same name.


The show, which is slated to air on October 31, will reportedly chronicle the infamous figure's entire life including his childhood years, the events that led to his life of crime and his reign over the Harlem drug trade in the late 60's and early 70's. Lucas, now 75, will be detailing the events that shaped his now infamous career as a criminal.

"I wanted to be rich. I wanted to be Donald Trump rich," said Lucas during an interview for the show. "And so help me God, I made it."

Lucas' story has been adapted into the Universal Pictures film American Gangster starring Denzel Washington, Common, T.I. and Russell Crowe, and is set to hit theaters on November 2.

"Frank is very charming, very humble and he'll have you working for him by the end of the day," Denzel Washington said in a recent interview. "He's a force of nature."

Lucas has an extensive and very well documented criminal history. It is estimated that Lucas made up to $1 million a day selling heroin that he shipped over from Southeast Asia in the coffins of dead soldiers during the Vietnam War. In 1975, Lucas was convicted on both federal and state drug charges and sentenced to 70 years in prison.

The next year he cooperated with law officials and named names, which led to the convictions of more than 100 other drug lords and Lucas' release from jail in 1981. Two years later he was arrested again for drug trafficking and in 1984, was convicted of those charges, spending another seven years in jail.

"American Gangster" featuring Frank Lucas will premiere on October 31 at 10 p.m. EST on BET.

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