Chris Gotti Tells Feds: "Give Me My Money"

 Word is the federal government has yet to return the $35,000 it confiscated from The Inc. executive Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo's safe during a 2003 raid.

The cash was seized from Lorenzo's office when Murder Inc.'s headquarters were raided back in January 2003 and was later used as evidence in the label's money laundering trial. The feds accused Chris and his brother Irv of cleaning drug lord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff's drug money through their Def Jam-distributed imprint.

Though the two brothers were acquitted in early December, the feds have yet to return the money. Gerald Shargel, Lorenzo's attorney, recently filed a letter with Brooklyn federal Judge Edward Korman in hope of skipping procedures and having the cash returned immediately.

"We're just waiting for the cash," Shargel told the New York Post.

The money has been deposited in a government bank account by the Internal Revenue Service. Shargel says the government is moving slow and that the cash should have been returned a month ago.

"It shows the government bureaucracy is a joke," Shargel offered.

A spokesman for the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney's Office wouldn't comment.

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