Foxy Finally Boards the Bus

 Unlike last week, Foxy Brown actually managed to make it on the bus Tuesday from Riker's Island to Brooklyn Superior Court and back again. Though, according to the incarcerated rapper, it should have been a one-way trip.


The "Hot Spot" singer has pleaded not guilty to assault charges stemming from a July 30 incident in which she allegedly threw her BlackBerry at a neighbor who complained about the volume of Brown's car radio.

Although the rapper, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was present in the courtroom for the hearing, the plea was entered on her behalf by attorney John Sampson.

Despite coming directly from Riker's Island, where she is currently serving a one-year sentence for probation violations in a separate assault case, Brown appeared in the courtroom in casual attire.

She was arraigned on charges of assault, attempted assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, i.e., the aforementioned phone.

During the hearing, Brooklyn Superior Court Justice John Ingram extended a restraining order against Brown, keeping her away from the alleged victim, 25-year-old Arlene Raymond, through December 2008. Ingram also ordered Brown back in court for a Dec. 17 hearing.

Last Friday, the day the arraignment was originally scheduled to take place, Brown twice refused to board the bus from Riker's, reportedly because she was not yet finished with her hair and makeup. Prosecutors rescheduled the hearing and warned that if she again refused to show, the court would issue an order allowing corrections officers to cuff the rapper and, if necessary, use force to put her on the bus.

Brown was jailed for violating her probation for a 2004 skirmish in a Manhattan nail salon. Earlier this year the rapper was found to have skipped anger-management classes and to have traveled out of the city without permission, violating the terms of her sentence in that case.

She has also launched from jail, in which she describes her lock up as "a temporary situation" and adds, "My will is steady."

The Website will also allow Brown to hype her new album, Brooklyn's Don Diva, due out Nov. 20.

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