Snoop Dogg Agrees To Terms Of Community Service

ImageSnoop Dogg has agreed to terms of community service that will see the rapper raking leaves, picking up litter and washing cars in an Orange County, California park.


Snoop faces 160 hours of community service for illegal possession of a dangerous weapon – a collapsible baton – when he walked through security at John Wayne Airport in September 2006.

“He will do whatever it takes,” said Donald Etra, his attorney to the Orange County Register. “He will be making the park a better place for Orange County.”

Etra says he doesn't know when Snoop will begin the service or how many days it will take him to complete the 160 hours but the attorney says his client wants to get it done quickly so he can move on with his career.

Superior Court Judge Erick L. Larsh signed off on the park plan Wednesday.

The name of the park was not released in fear of Snoop's fans finding out and turning the service into a media event.

Deputy District Attorney Andre Manssourian agreed with the park plan.

“My understanding is that he chose this,” Manssourian said. “I look forward to his hours of community service help maintain Orange County and keep it beautiful.”

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