50 Cent and Samuel L. Jackson Go To War

Image50 Cent is scheduled to join Samuel L. Jackson on the cast of Home of the Brave, a war drama set in Iraq.

The cast also includes Jessica Biel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Eva Mendes (Hitch) and Christina Ricci (Monster). Word is 50 will play one of three soldiers who struggle to readapt to everyday life following a long tour in Iraq. Sam Jackson will play a doctor who also struggles with his return to normalcy after the war

Brave marks Curtis "Interscope" Jackson's second motion picture. The Queens rapper starred in a semi autobiographical film, Get Rich Or Die Trying this past summer.

50 and Jackson began feuding briefly when the veteran actor turned down a part in the movie. Jackson has long voiced his displeasure for inexperienced rappers who take on lead movie roles. 50 responded, telling New York's Daily News, "I don't even see where Samuel fits into my life story anyway, unless he plays one of the crack heads." He added, "He was a crack head originally right? So I come from being a rapper, and he comes from being a crack head."

The two eventually made peace during the Spike Video Game Awards.

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