Las Vegas Rapper Kills Cop

 Las Vegas Police have revealed that a 21-year-old man who killed an officer during a shootout was a gangsta rapper who praised violence and hatred in his music.

Amir Rashid Crump better known as Trajik of the rap duo Desert Mobb reportedly shot and killed Sgt. Henry Prendes, who had responded to a domestic call on February 1 at a southwest home on the Las Vegas Strip.

Police say Crump used an assault rifle when he fired at the 37-year-old Prendes and his partner when they arrived at the scene. Crump, who brandished an assault rifle on the cover of Desert Mobb's 2005 debut album L.Y.T. C.Y.T.I., was also killed during the shootout.

"The guy who killed Henry was not talking [on his album] about wonderful things," said Las Vegas Police Capt. Gary Schofield, who formerly oversaw the police gang unit. "It was hatred and violence."

Last summer, Las Vegas Police began a six-month investigation of the local rap scene in response to a series of fatal murders in which all the victims were rappers.

"How does it not affect you when you're spending all your time making violent music?" added Schofield. "If you listen to hate all day long, you're going to be hateful."

On the group's myspace webpage, a press release send outs it deepest condolences to the families and urges the media not to "perpetuate the stereotype and blame the music."

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