DMX's Animal Cruelty Report Released, Still No Charges Filed

ImageNew York rapper DMX's Animal Cruelty Report results have been made public, following allegations of abuse.


After a month of detectives making several visits to DMX's Arizona property in response to animal neglect allegations, this summer, the investigation culminated on Aug. 24 with a raid of the rapper's home. As previously reported, authorities confiscated 12 pit bulls - 3 of which were deceased - numerous weapons and about a quarter-ounce of marijuana at that time.

Now, as reported by TMZ, the detective's findings are in, and though no charges have been filed against the 36-year-old rapper, the report is potentially damning.

Forensic reports from a veterinarian examiner from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office states that the condition of animal remains found on the property were "significantly decomposed, the head and rear quarters and legs had a white trash bag around them; the body was wrapped in a dirt-stained beige fitted sheet and inside a clear plastic bag; all placed inside a white body bag." One set of remains showed evidence of injury and "severe decomposition prevented further examination" of some others.

According to a detective's summary, at least seven different visits were made to DMX's home throughout the month of August and at one point, a detective actually gave his dogs water.

Murray Richman, the rapper's criminal lawyer, says that X was not at the home during the raid and hadn't been there for months. He alleges that his client was employing caretakers and veterinarians to care for his animals in his absence. 

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