C-Murder To Tour Mississippi To Promote Book

 Multi-platinum New Orleans rapper Cory "C-Murder" Miller will tour Mississippi to promote his book Death Around the Corner October 11 and 12.


The rapper will travel through Hinds and Rankin counties with Conversations Book Club, discussing the book Death Around the Corner and meeting fans.

Death Around the Corner is a fictional work that chronicles the life of a man trying to survive on the streets in pre-Katrina New Orleans.

Conversations Book Club announced a partnership to promote the book with Miller in February. The book will also launch the "The C.U.T. Society," an urban teen reading group.

"It's not what you think," Conversations Book Club founder Cyrus A. Webb said. "I told C that even I was hesitant when I first found out that he had written a book, but it is a powerful read and everyone from age 15 up should give it a chance."

Below is the schedule for C-Murder's tour of Mississippi:

Thursday, October 11, 2007
9:30a.m. ---"Breakfast with Books" Club discussion at Wal-Mart in Brandon
12:00p.m. --- Book discussion at Hinds in Utica
3:00p.m. --- "Meet & Greet" at Margaret Walker Alexander Library
6:00p.m. --- Guest speaker at Lee Elementary in Jackson, MS
7:00p.m. --- Waldenbooks Metrocenter in Jackson
8:30p.m. --- Private meet and greet with select fans and book lovers

Friday, October 12, 2007
9:30a.m. --- "Meet & Greet" at Medgar Evers Library in Jackson
12:00p.m.--- "Meet & Greet" at Wal-Mart on MS 18
4:00p.m. --- "Meet & Greet" at Richard Wright Library in Jackson
7p.m.. --- Book discussion at Barnes & Noble in Jackson 

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