Jadakiss' Drug & Weapons Charges Dropped

ImageA year after being arrested on drug and weapons charges, Jadakiss is seemingly in the clear as prosecutors have decided to drop the charges.


The Westchester County district attorney's office asked the judge last week to dismiss the charges against the rapper. Jadakiss (born Jason Phillips) and associates Darnell Frazier and Kristen Smith were arrested in October of last year in Yonkers, NY and were indicted on the charges in February of this year. Police allege that they detected the smell of marijuana coming from the car the three were in and upon searching the vehicle discovered a weapon.

According to the Associated Press, a jury last month acquitted Frazier of all charges after DNA tests didn't link any of the three to the gun that police found.

Jadakiss' attorney, Clement Patti, said the rapper "has had this cloud over his head for a year, affecting his career." She also expressed her discontent with the longevity of the case, stating that it was, "a travesty that the case went this far."

The dismissal of charges will become official after the prosecutor's motion is granted by the judge. 

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