Busta Rhymes A No-Show At Bodyguard's Wake

 In addition to angering the Ramirez family with his lack of cooperation, Busta Rhymes pulled a no show at the wake of his slain bodyguard Israel Ramirez yesterday (February 8).

Authorities believe Busta was standing by Ramirez when he was fatally shot outside of Brooklyn's Kiss the Cactus Production studio this past Sunday.

"They're not knocking on our door to talk to us," New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters in regards to Bus and other potential witnesses present during the incident.

The rapper initially told cops he was inside when the shooting took place and hasn't talked to cops since witnesses have placed him at the scene of the shooting. Tony Yayo, who is believed to have left the scene with the shooter, also refuses to talk to cops. Police believe Busta's refusal to cooperate is preventing other witnesses from coming forward with key information.

"They have a code in the industry," a police source told the New York Daily News. "You don't talk to cops. if you do, your career tanks."

Meanwhile, at Ramirez's wake yesterday, the bodyguard's brother-in-law Shawn Reynolds criticized Busta and Yayo for their silent treatment.

"You think people making all of this money, they'd leave the ghetto out of them," Reynolds told the Daily News at the Century Cremation and Funeral Services. "You'd think they're making millions of dollars, they'd learn to be civilized."

Word is Busta told Ramirez's sister he would do anything in his power to make sure justice prevails. Other reports say he first told Ramirez's widow, Amelin Ramirez, he wasn't sure he could help.

"How are you going to say that when the husband of the woman you're talking to lost his life trying to protect you?" Reynolds added.

Authorities believe Ramirez was attempting to grab the gunman's firearm when he was fatally shot. Though Busta said he would appear at the wake, the rapper pulled a no show, further frustrating Ramirez's family. Baby Sham, a member of Busta's Flipmode Squad was the only affiliate to show up. Sham wasn't on location when Ramirez was gunned down.

"He gave up his life for them," Jenny Fernadez, Ramirez's sister-in-law, asked angrily at the wake. "Where are all these people? My nephew's thinking his daddy's coming home. Daddy's not coming home."

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