Gunfire Erupts At Busta Rhymes Video Shoot, One Man Dead

 Gunfire erupted on the set of a Busta Rhymes video shoot early this morning in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, NY, leaving one mad dead on the sidewalk.

One man, a bodyguard who worked for the studio, is dead. The shootout took place shortly after midnight this morning outside of the Kiss The Cactus Production studio in Brooklyn where over 200 people were on the scene for the Busta video shoot. Fourteen shots were fired from what is believed to have been an AK-47 assault rifle killing one and leaving a nearby Dodge Durango SUV riddled with five bullets.

The police found the 30-year-old hispanic bodyguard dead on the sidewalk in front of the production studio with one gunshot to the chest. It is unclear whether the shooting had any direct relations to Busta. Police are examining the video from nearby cameras to find more information.

This is not the first shooting close call for Busta Rhymes. On February 21, 2003, Busta's SUV was riddled with bullets as it sat parked outside the Violator Records/Management offices in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. Busta and a company executive went into the Violator offices at about 10pm that night and came out eighteen minutes later to find the vehicle shot up on the passenger side. Thankfully, no one was in the car.

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