Raekwon On Iggy Azalea: ‘I Think She’s Talented And We Have To Accept That’

While celebrating his birthday in Miami, Raekwon sat down with Peter Bailey to drop some food for thought on hip-hop and its impact around the world.

During their sit-down, the Chef spoke about the global appeal of hip-hop and how its influence has left the street corners of New York City and has given a voice to people in other countries to express themselves through music. Their convo landed on the hot topic of Iggy Azalea and all the criticism she has received. Rae says he doesn’t feel that Iggy should be condemned for embracing the artform of hip-hop.

“She’s doing what she wants to do,” said the Wu-Tang rep. “She was able to take it from somewhere so far away, where she was at, to here and nobody’s gonna ever wanna give it up because of course she’s a white girl, pretty and she’s got talent. Then you’re gonna have people ridicule that because she’s from Austraila. I think she’s talented in her form and we just have to accept that and don’t look at it as ‘oh you’re not from that life because a lot of people aren’t from that life.”