Twista Calls Chicago A “Melting Pot Of Music”

Sitting down for an interview with Steve Lobel, Chicago native Twista spoke on the current Chicago Hip Hop scene and the newfangled sound coming from the city.

During the conversation, Twista spoke on the huge variety of sounds coming from Chicago. With the likes of Chance The Rapper and King Louie all creating a different sounds, Twista likened the city to a melting pot of music.

“As far as the sound of the music and the vibe, I tell everybody, we’re a melting pot,” Twista says. “Even though it may seem like there’s a lead sound when you hear what Chief Keef or [what] different artists do — he’ll tell you one of his favorite artists is a Gucci Mane or something like that. The dope part is that [when] I hear Chicago or the Midwest, a lot of the music is driven by the South and what I hear coming from Atlanta and the whole South vibe which is dope. We’re so much of a melting pot that how do you explain me, Do Or Die, Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, King Louie? How do you explain these guys? You got all these different sounds.

“The dope part about Chicago is even though it may have a lead sound so to speak because you have artists like Chief Keef and Lil Durk taking the vibe of Chicago right now and putting it on their shoulders, you’ve still got so many vibes of sounds and we’re just like a melting pot of music," he adds.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Twista revealed that he’s currently working a project with Do Or Die.

“Well right now I’m working on a Do Or Die project,” Twista says. “People don’t know that but we got an EP that we finishing up. One last week we finishing it up. [It’s] not gonna be your typical ‘Twista and Do Or Die,’ project like, you gon’ hear it and we definitely gonna put you right back in that car when you were listening to ‘Po Pimp’ and certain songs. People make things for different reasons but we definitely wanted to recapture ourselves and give that back to the fans.”

Twista’s full interview with Steve Lobel, where he also speaks about Chance The Rapper and Kanye West, can be seen below: