FM Rocks Says Teamsters Didn't Shut Down Lil Wayne Shoot

ImageFollowing reports that Teamsters shut down the New York set of Lil' Wayne's "Hustle Musik" video, producer Roger Ubina spoke exclusively to to give his side of the story.

Earlier this week, SOHH reported that the Theatrical Teamsters Union paid a visit to the set of Lil' Wayne's "Hustle Musik" and sparked a dispute over the number of union bus drivers hired to work on the shoot. While Ubina, a producer at FM Rocks-the production company that works with video director Benny Boom, among others, admitted that the teamsters came to the 116th St. and Park Ave. location, he denies that production was shut down.

"They didn't shut us down," Ubina told SOHH. "We were shooting on the roof when the teamsters came. It didn't affect us at all.

"Half of my crew didn't know what was going on cause we were shooting on the roof," added the producer. "That's when I'm reading that they shut me down. That'll never happen on a Benny Boom set. Jesus Christ can come down and it would not be shut down."

In all, Ubina asserts that the teamsters stayed on set for 37 minutes. When they got too close for comfort, he simply "called the cops and had them move further down the block."

Ubina said that Weezy didn't notice their presence. The producer also confirmed earlier reports that the union wanted him to employ more teamsters. However, Ubina denies that the union showed up 60 men deep.

"It was about 11 of them," revealed Ubina. "I can show you a picture of all of them. There was 11 guys that showed up in a van. I had three tour buses of crazy country hoodlums. Who you think would... I ain't even gonna say anything else."

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