Game Let Off The Hook In Police Impersonation Charges

ImageA New York judge dismissed police impersonation charges against The Game today (September 20) on the grounds that the Los Angeles bred rapper stays out of trouble for the next six months.


Game (born Jayceon Taylor) was arrested in November last year on charges that he pretended to be a police officer after hailing a cab and flashing a fake badge to his driver. Prosecutors claim the rapper told the driver he was an undercover officer and encouraged him to run several red stoplights on Lexington Avenue before being pulled over.

According to the Associated Press, Judge Marc Whiten gave Game a conditional discharge. If Game is not arrested again within six months, the misdemeanor charge will be dropped and the case file sealed.

Game reportedly left the courthouse smiling saying: "I love New York, but I hate the system. I hate every system."

Jeffrey Lichtman, Game's lawyer, has argued in prior hearings that his client is constantly harassed by New York police and he doesn't believe a cab driver would believe that the heavily tattooed rapper was a policeman.

"I've never seen a cop with writing all over his face," Lichtman said.

The Game, who has denied the charges, rejected a plea deal in June that would have kept him out jail.

He is due in court next Tuesday (September 25) to stand trial on three felony charges stemming from an incident in February when he allegedly brandished a gun during a basketball game.

If convicted, the rapper could be sentenced to more than five years in prison. 

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